Alloy Steel Blades
14.0 in
Auto Chain Tensioning System
Bar and Chain Oil Reservoir
8.25 gal
Bar and Chain Oiler
Direct Saw Drive Sprocket, Case Hardened, 9 Teeth
4.0 in
Frame Height
99.7 in
Frame Length
83.0 in
Frame Width
86.15 in
High Flow Topping Saw Motor 340.7 to 416.4 Lpm (90 to 110 gpm)
Low Flow Topping Saw Motor 151.4 to 208.2 Lpm (40 to 55 gpm)
Mounting Base
H-D Rotating Cradle
Mounting Base Pin Dia.
3.0 in
Nose Roller Diameter
16.0 in
Nose Roller Width
21.0 in
Number of Knives
Oregon® Brand 11H Roller Tip Saw Bar
44.0 in
Saw Chain
Oregon® Brand 11H
Saw Chain Drive Links
Saw Chain Pitch
0.75 in
Standard Flow Topping Saw Motor 208.2 to 340.7 Lpm (55 to 90 gpm)
Throat Opening
34.375 in
Total Weight (Including Accumulator Box)
7500.0 lb
Turntable Bearing Diameter
22.0 in
Turntable Bearing Mounting Bolt Measurement
0.75 in
Turntable Bearing Mounting Bolts
Grade 8
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