Ransome Cat knows how important quality power is to your business. An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) provides reliable protection against the slightest power disturbance, saving you from lost productivity and business.

Currently offering UPS Systems from 150kVA to multi-megawatt solutions, Cat® UPS systems integrate a battery-free UPS with its market leading generator sets, switchgear and automatic transfer switches to deliver a world-class integrated system.

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PA, NJ and DE's UPS Power System Experts

If your business has special power needs, a Cat UPS system can be essential to keeping your critical systems running at all times. From data center and server farms to modern manufacturing facilities, Cat UPS systems can be found hard at work in locations throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Compared to static uninterruptible power supply systems, Cat products offer the following advantages:

  • Space: Cat UPS systems take up 1/4 of the space of a traditional device and don't require a separate battery room or HVAC installation.
  • Maintenance: When installed properly, upkeep for a Cat UPS system is typically limited to regular air filter changes and a few other minor maintenance tasks.
  • Energy efficiency: While conventional UPS devices typically operate at efficiency levels between 90% and 92%, Cat products deliver 96% efficiency and upwards, conserving energy and saving you money on overhead costs.
  • Operating temperature: The unique design of a Cat UPS system allows it to operate at any temperature, as opposed to traditional devices that frequently require dedicated cooling appliances.

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