Tractor Weight
14550.0 lb
Operating Weight with SE34 VT Screed
18078.0 lb
Operating Weight with SE34 V Screed
17637.0 lb

Operating Specifications

Standard Paving Range
1.75 m to 3.42 m (5.6 ft to 11.1 ft)
Maximum Paving Speed
200.0 ft/min
Minimum Paving Width
27.5 in
Maximum Paving Width
13.1 ft
Maximum Travel Speed
10 mph


Truck Entry Height
21.5 in
Truck Entry Width
10.3 ft
6.45 ft
Transport Height
8.6 ft
Operating Width
10.4 ft
Operating Height with Canopy
11.2 ft
Transport Length
16.4 ft
Operating Length
16.5 ft
Transport Width
6.3 ft


Gross Power
73.8 hp
Engine Model

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank
29.0 gal
Washdown Spray Tank
6.2 gal
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