Government Agencies

With roots in eastern Pennsylvania dating back to 1916, Ransome Cat is proud to play a role in our region’s ongoing development by supplying important government initiatives with heavy equipment and engineering support. Whether it’s machinery to build roads and infrastructure, or reliable gen sets to supply power during disaster relief efforts, Ransome Cat understands the needs of our government clients and works to meet them at all times.

Delivering Value When Budgets Are Tight

Cat® equipment is well known for its efficiency, reliability and performance in a wide range of tasks. In a time when government agencies and contractors are faced with shrinking budgets, an investment in quality machinery means the ability to do more with less. A Cat machine, whether it’s a road grader, compactor or backhoe, will get the job done faster with lower operating costs. These are critical working advantages that will help ensure your project gets completed on time and on budget.

Life Cycle Costing

Heavy equipment is a major capital investment for any government agency. Making smart purchases using life cycle costing is critical to getting the most out of your budget. Endorsed by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing and National Association of State Procurement Officials, life cycle costing involves taking into consideration maintenance, longevity, resale value and a number of other broad-based factors when making a purchasing decision.

Cat equipment provides three important benefits that should be considered when life cycle costing: lower maintenance costs, lower repair costs and greater resale value. If your government agency is in the market for new equipment, contact a Ransome Cat representative today and let us run the numbers for you – the benefits of investing in a quality Cat machine will be clear.

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